Bringing the World to the Classroom: Teaching Statistics and Programming in a Project-Based Setting

This article introduces how to teach an interactive one-semester-long statistics and programming class. The setting can also be applied to shorter and longer classes as well as for beginner and advanced courses. I propose a project-based seminar that …

Conflict elections in Afghanistan 2019

A ShinyApp that visualizes conflict elections in Afghanistan 2019

Keyword spotter for audio data

Keyword spotting algorithm for audio data as part of the coding challenge at [ZINDI](https://zindi.africa/competitions/giz-nlp-agricultural-keyword-spotter) (together with Fabian Längle and Katharina Ziegler).

Methods Bites

A data science blog on topics in computational social science


A gallery of my TidyTuesday participations


A CRAN package that lets you easily extract information about your data

Coro2vid-19 - Leveraging knowledge about coronaviruses to fight Covid-19

Coro2vid-19 is a search engine that uses academic articles related to coronavirus. Our goal is to help users to quickly identify relevant articles on a specific topic using keyword searches as well as to identify related articles and groups of authors from more than 22,000 academic articles between 1950 and 2020.