How to set up a working HTTPS encryption with netlify, blogdown, and rbind.io

If you host a website, it is worth considering using the secure HTTPS encryption instead of HTTP (also in light of the GDPR).1 As someone who is less experienced in setting this up, this can be challenging, particularly if you use a domain that you do not personally own.

How to adjust labels in {flashlight::light_breakdown} plots

To get a better (and more substantive) understanding of models’ black boxes, breakdown plots are extremely helpful and intuitive. The package {flashlight} makes generating these plots straightforward – but it has one shortcoming: It’s not intuitive how to adjust the labels of your features (or at least I couldn’t find an easy answer).

Personalize your README on GitHub

Is there anything better than having a personalized landing page that guides the visitors and allows you to point them towards what really matters? It’s hard to say yes. Luckily, GitHub offers you exactly this possibility and here’s a short guide how I set up my own (personalized) README on GitHub in three steps.

overviewR comes with new functions

New year, better overviewR! It comes with some brand new functions and extensions that make visualizing your sample more beautiful (and easy) than ever! Most of the functions are currently only available in the development version that can be downloaded from GitHub but we will submit them to CRAN shortly.

How to implement a redirect from your old GitHub page to your new website

Before hosting my website with netlify (which makes hosting so smooth!), I deployed my website manually using GitHub pages for quite some time. GitHub Pages is a great way to host a (more or less) static website.

Taking text data to the next level - Unsupervised and supervised approaches in NLP @R-Ladies Bergen

I had the great pleasure to talk about NLP at R-Ladies Bergen yesterday. Thanks to everyone for making this event so much fun! The talk covers both unsupervised and supervised approaches and introduces you to quanteda, an R package that allows you to perform NLP tasks.

How to integrate a typing effect in Hugo Academic

Have you ever wondered how to integrate a typing effect in your Hugo Academic theme easily? It shouldn’t be too difficult. That’s also what I thought when I started with it.

How to structure your data workflow efficiently using R

The positive aspects of a structured data workflow are at hand: You will always know where your things are – no matter in which project you are currently working. If you stick to one work frame, you can also access your projects later and easily maneuver your way around.

Update of overviewR with new functions!

We have updated (and extended) overviewR with three new functions: overview_plot overview_heat overview_na You can also access a detailed overview of all functions in the CheatSheet: overview_plot overview_plot illustrates the information that is generated in overview_table in a ggplot graphic.

HackZurich: CodeVsCovid19

As you know, I love hackathons. And what better opportunity of joining one of them when you can generate something that is essentially helpful? In light of the current Covid19 crisis, HackZurich organized the CodeVsCovid19 hackathon and brought together more than 3,000 motivated people to work on their projects for 72 hours.