overviewR comes with new functions

New year, better overviewR! It comes with some brand new functions and extensions that make visualizing your sample more beautiful (and easy) than ever! Most of the functions are currently only available in the development version that can be downloaded from GitHub but we will submit them to CRAN shortly.

Update of overviewR with new functions!

We have updated (and extended) overviewR with three new functions: overview_plot overview_heat overview_na You can also access a detailed overview of all functions in the CheatSheet: overview_plot overview_plot illustrates the information that is generated in overview_table in a ggplot graphic.

Methods Bites - How to write your own R package and publish it on CRAN

R is a great resource for data management, statistics, analysis, and visualization — and it becomes better every day. This is to a large part because of the active community that continuously creates and builds extensions for the R world.

overviewR - Easily Extracting Information About Your Data

I am super proud to announce that Dennis Hammerschmidt’s and my first package is on CRAN! overviewR is a small but neat tool for everyone who wants to get a quick glance at their data set.